USS Tang (SS-306) - COBI 4831 - 777 bricks

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Model Spec.
    • 777 bricks
    • 1:144 scale
    • Model dimensions: (L x H x W) 66cm x 16cm x 5.5cm
    • Bodywork with pad printing
    • Block with printed name of the model
    • Easy-to-follow instruction manual
    • Compatible with other leading brands of construction blocks 


COBI's USS TANG brick model includes detachable side plating of the hull and a brick model of the engine. It has permanent prints, movable barrels and turbines add realism. It is an deal gift for any military or naval history fans who enjoy building brick model kits.


The USS TANG, an American Balao-class WW2 submarine, had 24 torpedoes, an AA gun, and two machine guns. Max operational depth was 180m. It launched on August 17, 1943 and sunk on October 24, 1944, on its fifth patrol. The sole commander Richard O'Kane and 8 sailors survived and became POWs till the end of the war. USS TANG, was statistically the most successful Pacific submarine, sinking between 24-31 enemy vessels.



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