What are Panzer Points and how do I earn them?

If you have already placed an order with BrickTanks then you are automatically accruing points on our rewards programme AKA Panzer Points. In order to find out how many points you have, you first need to register your account using the email
address you used to place any orders at: https://bricktanks.co.uk/account/register.

Please note: Every time you want to check or redeem your points you must first log in to your account by clicking on the ‘Account’ button in the top right of the website (if you are on a desktop) or in the drop-down menu in the top left of the website (if you are using a smartphone). Alternatively, click here: https://bricktanks.co.uk/account/login.

Once logged in, please look for the green 'Rewards' button in the bottom righthand corner of our website or, if you're using a smartphone, a green shopping bag with a
heart. You automatically earn 200 points for signing up and then you can earn
points through various actions.
So, tell me how exactly how can I earn Panzer Points?

  • Sign up: 200 Panzer Points
  • Place an order: 10 Panzer Points for every £1 spent
  • Share on Twitter: 50 Panzer Points
  • Share on Facebook: 50 Panzer Points
  • Follow us on Instagram: 100 Panzer Points
  • Like on Facebook: 100 Panzer Points
  • Follow on Twitter: 100 Panzer Points
  • Celebrate a Birthday: 200 Panzer Points
How can I redeem my Panzer Points?

  • 500 Panzer Points = £2 off coupon. Minimum spend £10
  • 1000 Panzer Points = £5 off coupon. Minimum spend £25
  • 2000 Panzer Points = £12 off coupon. Minimum spend £50
  • 4000 Panzer Points = £25 off coupon.Minimum spend £80
Once you earn enough points to qualify for a discount coupon, you can log into your account and turn them into a voucher code that can be used at checkout.

Please note, it is only possible to use one discount code per purchase. So, if
we are running a sale which requires you to enter a discount code, you can not
use your Panzer Points discount code on the same purchase.

Wait there’s more…
We also have a Tank-tastic Referral Scheme
Recommend Brick Tanks to fellow Cobi fans….Or anyone you think might appreciate the joy of building a Cobi set and they get a 10% coupon. When they make a purchase you will get a £5 off coupon.
Of course all referrals need to be done using the links provided inside the loyalty
What are you waiting for?

If you haven't already done so, why not sign up, start sharing and liking us on as
many social media channels as you like and remember to refer us to earn more
Panzer Points.

If you have any questions, please contact us at admin@bricktanks.co.uk.

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