Apply to be a BrickTanks Affilate Marketeer

  • Consider yourself a bit of an expert on brick building models?
  • Have plenty of experience building Cobi, Lego and other brands of models?
  • Think you can create unique and knowledgeable content reviewing Cobi models with honest opinions about the quality of the models when compared to other brands?
  • Already have a YouTube channel, Blog, or other social media channel doing reviews of other products and think Cobi model reviews would appeal to your audience?

Then apply to be a BrickTanks Affiliate Marketeer

How it works:

  • Apply by sending us an email or a video explaining a little bit about yourself, your knowledge of Cobi, Lego or other Brick Building models. If you have an interest in military history, tell us about that.
  • Include links to any social media channels where you have already reviewed other products.
  • Be unique, add your own style and personality to your application, this shows us you are likely to create some interesting video reviews of Cobi products.
  • If you are selected to be an official Brick Tanks affiliate marketeer, we will provide you with a unique affiliate link. Any of your viewers that use this link will get a 5% discount on their purchase and you will earn a 5% commission from every sale that comes via your link.
  • If we judge you have a large Social Media following, we may provide you with a Free Cobi model for your review.
  • If you are an up and coming YouTuber, Blogger, Social media Influencer with a small following, you will need to purchase the Cobi model for your video review.

It really is that simple.

Check out a few reviews from other Influencers...Link below