Panzer VIII MAUS brick tank model - COBI 2559 - 1605 bricks

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Model Spec.

      • 1605 bricks
      • 2 figures (mechanic and helper)
      • 1:28 scale
      • 39cm long
      • Bodywork with pad printing
      • Block with printed name of the model
      • Easy-to-follow instruction manual
      • Compatible with other leading brands of construction blocks
      • Model features interior and engine details.



COBI's Panzer VIII "MAUS" brick tank model features removable covers for access to the detailed interior, including a removable engine, opening hatches, movable barrel, and working tracks.

"MAUS" is a must-have for World War II history, armour, and weapons enthusiasts. This stunning, enormous model will be the centerpiece of any tank collection. While the construction is simple with intuitive instructions, the unique interior design, extensive elements, and assembly time make it more suitable for slightly older builders.



The Panzer VIII "MAUS" is a legendary tank that has captivated interest throughout the history of armoured vehicles. Surrounded by mystery and mixed facts, it remains an enigma. This German super heavy tank, developed during WWII, was the largest and heaviest ever built, weighing over 188 tons. The project lasted from 1942 to 1944, resulting in only two incomplete prototypes that never saw service. In 1945, the Red Army captured both abandoned Maus prototypes and combined them into a hybrid vehicle, now exhibited at the Tank Museum in Kubinka.




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