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M4A3E8 Sherman (Easy Eight)- Lego compatible COBI 2532 - medium tank

M4A3E8 Sherman (Easy Eight)- Lego compatible COBI 2532 - medium tank

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The M4 Sherman was the battle tank most commonly in use by the United States (and some of the other Western Allies) in World War II. Mechanically reliable, easy and cheap to produce and maintain, the M4 was distributed in thousands, through the Lend-Lease programme, to the British Commonwealth and Soviet Union. After 1942, it led many offensives by the Western Allies and was superior to the earlier German light and medium panzers. The M4 was armed with the 75mm M3 general-purpose gun and two Browning M1919 machine guns. After World War II updated versions saw combat in the Korean War, the Arab-Israeli Wars, and the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965. 49,234 tanks were built between 1942 and 1957.

This model, M4A3E8, aquired the nickname 'Easy Eight' from its designation and from the smooth ride provided by its spring suspension system and wide tracks.

no of bricks: tbc
figure: tbc
Bodywork with pad printing
Easy to follow instruction manual
Compatible with other LEGO and leading brands of construction blocks
Model dimensions: tbc

Read more about the M4A3E8 Sherman at Wikipedia

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