Kriegslokomotive Baureihe locomotive with coal wagon brick model - COBI 6281 - 2476 brick train

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Model Spec.
      • 2476 bricks
      • 1:35 scale
      • Model dimensions (L x W x H): 69 cm (27.16") x 9.5 cm (3.74") x 14 cm (5.51")
      • Bodywork with pad printing
      • One figure of a German train driver
      • 5 sections of straight track
      • A block with the name of the set
      • Easy-to-follow instruction manual
      • Compatible with other leading brands of construction blocks


Introducing the all-new German Kriegslokomotive Baureihe 52 steam locomotive brick model from World War II, part of COBI's "Trains" collection. This brick model faithfully reproduces the body, proportions, and intricate details of the legendary steam locomotive, known worldwide as one of the most iconic and recognizable railway engines.

The model's gray colour scheme accurately reflects the paintwork of German military locomotives used on the Eastern Front during the invasion of the Soviet Union. The set also includes a special figure of a German military train driver. Crafted in a 1:35 scale, the locomotive model showcases an array of intricate details such as symbols, numbering, markings, and prints within the engine room. With the easily removable roof of the engine room, you can marvel at the faithfully reproduced devices and instruments that powered the locomotive, even catching a glimpse of burning coal in the firebox.

True to the workings of a real steam locomotive, the engine and tender are coupled together to move in unison. The model's interior houses gears that form a complex mechanism, ensuring realistic movement of the wheels and the entire drive system. A gentle push is all it takes to set the whole locomotive in motion.

Featuring five distinct wheel designs, the locomotive model sits perfectly on brick tracks and effortlessly navigates turns. Notably, the model is fully compatible with brick tracks from other brands. Additionally, COBI has created its own uniquely shaped brick that replicates a track section. This set includes five such sections, totaling approximately 65 cm in length.

The tracks are crafted using modern two-colour injection technology, seamlessly connecting two different-coloured plastic pieces. The gray 'steel' rails distinctly stand out against the remarkably realistic brown railway ties. The absence of visible studs enhances their realism, and each tie features a textured board pattern, imitating wood grain. The tracks can be securely attached to brick plates, thanks to the physical holes, enabling you to create a permanent display. This set makes for a perfect gift for history and railway enthusiasts alike.



The BR 52 was an economical, simple, and highly dependable German-built freight steam locomotive, manufactured across various European factories from 1942 to 1945. Capable of pulling freight trains weighing up to 620 tons at speeds of 80 km/h or 1,700 tons at speeds of 50 km/h, it proved its versatility by also hauling passenger trains on numerous occasions.


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