ISU 152 Self-propelled Gun Mechanical Wooden Model Kit - Eco Wood Art

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Model Spec.
  • Assembled model size: 48.5 X 22 X 15 cm.
  • Package size: 374 X 292 X 56 mm
  • Top-grade plywood
  • Number of Parts: 694
  • Pre-cut design for self-assembly, glue included.
  • Mechanical, wooden model of the Soviet self-propelled gun - ISU 152
  • A tracked military tank model equipped with a rotating turret, movable hatches and rolling wheels.

The ISU-152, a Soviet self-propelled gun, was developed during World War II to combat German heavy tanks and fortifications. Introduced in 1943, it was built on the chassis of the KV-1S heavy tank and later the IS tank series. Armed with a formidable 152mm ML-20S howitzer, it earned the nickname "Zveroboy" (Beast Killer) for its effectiveness against German Tigers, Panthers, and Elephants.

The ISU-152's versatility allowed it to serve multiple roles, including direct fire support, anti-tank duties, and bunker busting. Its robust armour and powerful gun made it a valuable asset on the Eastern Front, where it participated in key battles such as Kursk and Berlin.

After the war, the ISU-152 continued to serve in the Soviet Army and was exported to various allied nations, influencing post-war tank destroyer designs. Its legacy endures as a symbol of Soviet engineering and battlefield ingenuity.




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