IS-3 Soviet brick tank model - COBI-2590 - 1170 bricks - 1:28 scale

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Model Spec.
  • 1,170 bricks
  • Figure: 1
  • 1:28 scale
  • Age 9+
  • Model dimensions: Length: 35.5cm
  • Pad printed
  • Plate with name of the model
  • Easy to follow instruction manual
  • Compatible with other leading brands of construction block




The IS-3, a Soviet heavy tank, emerged as a formidable force in armoured warfare during the latter stages of WWII. Introduced in 1945, it represented a significant advancement in Soviet tank design, boasting impressive firepower, heavy armour, and enhanced mobility.

Also known as the Iosif Stalin 3, it was developed as an improvement over its predecessors, the IS-1 and IS-2 tanks. It featured a streamlined, sloped armour design, which not only provided superior protection but also reduced its profile, making it a harder target for enemy fire. The tank's turret was also redesigned to accommodate a more powerful 122mm D-25T main gun, capable of penetrating thick enemy armour with ease.

An unusual fact about the IS-3 is that its design influenced the development of future tanks, including the design of the British Centurion tank. The sloped armour and innovative turret design of the IS-3 inspired tank designers around the world, leading to the adoption of similar features in subsequent tank designs.

The IS-3 saw limited service during the final months of WWII but played a significant role in the Soviet Union's post-war military operations. It remained in active service for several decades, undergoing various upgrades and modifications to improve its performance and capabilities. While it never saw direct combat against Western forces, the IS-3's presence served as a deterrent during the Cold War era.



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