IS-2 brick tank model - COBI 2578 - 1051 bricks

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Model Spec.
  • 1051 bricks
  • Bricks with the markings of 3 countries: Poland, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union
  • 1 figure
  • Scale: 1:28
  • Model dimensions (L x W x H): 35.5 cm (13.98") x 12 cm (4.72") x 12.5 cm (4.92")
  • Removable engine
  • Pad printed
  • Plate with name of the model
  • Easy to follow instruction manual
  • Compatible with other leading brands of construction block


Discover the mighty IS-2 heavy tank, a remarkable brick model crafted at an impressive 1:28 scale, using over 1000 pieces! The model includes a service hatch, revealing a removable engine. It also boasts functional components such as a movable cannon and turret, crew hatches, and operational tracks.

The set includes bricks bearing the markings of three prominent countries: Poland, Czechoslovakia, and the Soviet Union, so the choice of nationality for this tank is yours!  Among the highlights is a striking figure of a tanker clad in the standard tank suit from that era, along with a plate displaying the model's name.


The iconic IS-2 tank emerged in 1943, representing the successor to earlier heavy tank models in service with the Red Army. It boasted a four-person crew and wielded a formidable 122mm gun capable of penetrating even the armor of Germany's best tanks, such as the Tiger and Panther. The IS-2 played a vital role in the Battle of Berlin, contributing significantly to the ultimate defeat of the Third Reich.

During World War II, the IS-2 stood tall as one of the most potent heavy tanks ever built. Its combination of robust armament, armour, and agility made it a formidable force on the battlefield. Interestingly, the Soviet Union's allies, including Poland and Czechoslovakia, also utilised IS-2 heavy tanks, explaining the presence of their markings on this model.


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