Ilyushin II 02 Sturmovik MWP 623 brick plane model - COBI 5744- 636 bricks

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Model Spec.
      • 636 bricks
      • 2 figures: a pilot and a gunner
      • Scale: 1:32
      • Model dimensions (L x W x H): 36.3 cm (14.3") x 46.4 cm (18.2") x 12.5 cm (4.9")
      • Block: map of Poland with post-war borders
      • Easy to follow instruction manual
      • Compatible with other leading brands of construction blocks


The brick model aircraft of the IL-2M3 aircraft, created in a 1:32 scale, incorporates all-new elements. The design is based on one of the few remaining original planes displayed at the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw. The model offers various movable features, including a rotating propeller, movable wing ailerons, and rubber tire wheels that can be folded into a horizontal position. The set faithfully reproduces the details and post-war colours of the aircraft and its armament, including rockets. The distinctive blue bottom with chessboard markings catches the eye. The cockpit canopy can be opened to accommodate the pilot and gunner figures in their respective seats. The set is complemented by a special display stand featuring a plate with the plane's name and a designated space for attaching the figures. The figures themselves were developed based on uniforms from the Polish Army Museum's collection.

Additionally, an appealing addition to the set is a historical map depicting Poland's borders and name before the territorial exchange with the USSR that occurred on February 15, 1951.

The model utilises durable prints and includes authentic historical markings. This set completes the collection of iconic planes released in 1:32 scale, catering to history enthusiasts, military aircraft aficionados, and fans of top-quality brick model sets.


The IL-2M3, one of the most renowned combat aircraft of World War II, was designed and mass-produced in the Soviet Union starting in 1941. Production of the Il-2 was eventually halted a few years after the war, with approximately 36,000 aircraft manufactured in total. The initial versions were later replaced in 1943 by the IL-2M3, featuring a two-man crew, more powerful engines, and enhanced armament. One of the significant improvements was the change in the wing's angle of attack, constructed with duralumin, giving them a distinct arrow-like shape.

During the spring of 1945, IL-2M3 aircraft served in four Polish air assault regiments on the Eastern Front. By May 1, 1945, the Polish Air Force possessed 158 IL-2M3s. However, starting in 1949, these aircraft gradually phased out of service, being replaced by the more modern Il-10 attack aircraft. The IL-2M3 exhibited in the Polish Army Museum represents the 3rd Air Assault Regiment.



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