F-16 (YF-16) Fighting Falcon plane brick model - COBI 5892 - 373 bricks First Flight Edition 1974

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Model Spec.


    • 373 bricks
    • 1:48 scale
    • 1 figure
    • Lockheed Martin license
    • USAF
    • Length: 31 cm
    • Bodywork with pad printing
    • Block stand with printed name of the plane
    • Easy-to-follow instruction manual
    • Compatible with other leading brands of construction blocks

The F-16 Fighting Falcon, initially known as the YF-16, was developed by General Dynamics (now Lockheed Martin) as a lightweight, multirole fighter for the United States Air Force (USAF). The project began in the early 1970s under the Lightweight Fighter (LWF) program, aimed at creating a cost-effective and highly maneuverable aircraft. The YF-16 prototype first flew on January 20, 1974, demonstrating exceptional agility and advanced avionics.

Following rigorous testing and a competitive fly-off against the Northrop YF-17, the YF-16 was selected in 1975 for full-scale production due to its superior performance. The production model, designated the F-16A/B, introduced advanced features like a bubble canopy for better visibility, side-stick control, and a frameless heads-up display.

The F-16 entered service in 1978 and quickly became a cornerstone of the USAF's tactical fighter fleet. Its versatility allowed it to perform various roles, from air superiority to ground attack. Over the years, continuous upgrades have kept the F-16 relevant, making it one of the most successful fighter aircraft globally, with over 4,500 units produced and used by more than 25 countries.




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