1935 Horch 830BK Cabriolet brick car model - COBI 2262 - 243 bricks

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Model Spec.
  • 243 bricks
  • 1 figure
  • 1:35 scale
  • Bodywork with pad printing
  • Easy-to-follow instruction manual
  • Compatible with other leading brands of construction blocks
  • Model dimensions: (length x width x height) 15cm x 6cm x 6cm


The Horch 830BK convertible is an impressive addition to the collection in a scale of 1:35. This COBI set features precise prints, surpassing the previous use of stickers. It's worth mentioning that the Horch 830BK model is considerably shorter than the limousine version famously driven by General De Gaulle.

Included in this set is a figure of Stefan Starzyński, a notable figure in history who held positions as a politician, soldier, and, most memorably, as the esteemed president of Warsaw. Stefan Starzyński exemplified courage and determination by refusing to evacuate from the city, serving as the Civil Commissioner at the Warsaw Defense Command until the very end. Known for his exceptional organisational skills, he played a vital role in developing the civil defense network and keeping the spirit of the fighting population of Warsaw alive.



Horch, a German automotive company established in Zwickau, Saxony, at the turn of the 20th century, set a benchmark for quality, innovative technical solutions, and superb craftsmanship. In 1933, the company made a splash with the introduction of the luxurious sedan, "Horch 830," which instantly became a sensation. This success prompted the manufacturer to introduce new variants of the car, including the shortened Horch 830BK and the elongated body version, known as the Horch 830BL, in subsequent years.



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