Take a closer look at our Building series

Take a closer look at our Building series

Hello, how's your week been?

First up, our latest COBI delivery, including eight pre-orders, got stuck at UK customs on Monday, along with some other shipments - no explanation provided, but it is now on the way to our warehouse at least. So, if you are eagerly awaiting your order, please bear with us, it should be on the way to you early next week - thank you for your patience. If you have any concerns about when your order will arrive, please give us a call on 01823 240910.

Also, did you enter the competition to win a COBI Executive Edition P47 Thunderbolt set yet? If not, there's still time.

Step 1. Watch the 3:36 minute video
Step 2. Answer the easy question from the video in the comments below on YouTube (not under this blog).
And that's it!

The winner will be announced on 4th of April during CabbageFace's livestream. Once we have your address, we'll ship you your set. Please note the competition is for UK residents only. Good luck!

Moving on, the focus of this week's blog is brick buildings/architecture. Did you know about our CaDA building collection? If not, you might be pleasantly surprised. The stunning Buckingham Palace kit will be back next month. Then there's the spectacularly detailed London tube station set - our fastest selling CaDA pre-order this year. Finally, if you've seen the LEGO treehouse but don't have the space or budget for it, then the 4 Season Story Treehouse might be a more affordable alternative.

As with any new set (unless it's a COBI set, of course), you might be wary of trying something a little different. So, with permission from the fantastic Scottie at 'Brick Me Up Scottie' YouTube channel, based in Hong Kong, we wanted you to see these fantastic building sets in action, and honestly reviewed. Check out his funny and informative reviews below, and please let us know what you think.

Have a great weekend.

Warmest wishes,


P.S. Have you built any sets recently? If so, please let me know what you think of them in the comments below and/or send us some photos to admin@bricktanks.co.uk.
20 minutes to spare? Check out the 'Brickadilly Circus' tube station review below. If you love detailed interiors, you'll enjoy this video. Don't miss the drop test at 15:30!
The Buckingham Palace review length: 20 minutes. Video highlights: the set is solid and fun to build. It only has one sticker - the flag on top. The drop test is as impressive as the finished product looks, and we did laugh at the extra footage at the end - Scottie has a great sense of humour.
The 4 Season Story Tree Shack review is 16 minutes. He covers strengths and weaknesses as well as tips on how best to put it together. The drop test is hilarious towards the end, and he does a side-by-side comparrison with the LEGO version.

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  • Mark C

    Thank you for the pre-orders update. Brexit sucks in every conceivable way. :(

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