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Challenger I (Electronic Series) - Lego compatible COBI 21905 brick kit - Main Battle Tank

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The FV4030/4 Challenger I was the main battle tank of the British Army from 1983 to the mid-1990s seeing action in the Gulf War and Iraq before being superceded by the Challenger II,

Its distinctive features included Chobham armour which gave protection far superior to any other western tank armour and was adopted in the manufacture of many other tanks (including the American M1 Abrams) and the hydropneumatic suspension of the Challenger gave it outstanding cross-country performance. .

This electronic remote-controlled model has the same detail and construction as a standard Small Army brick model but includes fast forward, slower forward, fast reverse, slower reverse, left and right turn, front and rear lights, clockwise and anti-clockwise turning turret all controlled by the built-in bluetooth, infrared, smartphone and tablet connection.

The four channels available on your remote control allow you to have fun with up to four electronic brick vehicles simultaneously and create your own tank battles!

read more about Challenger I on Wikipedia

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