Who are Cobi sets suitable for? (Ages, Special Needs etc.)

Is there a recommended minimum age for COBI sets?

COBI sets are popular with anyone aged 6 - 106! From experience, children ages 6+ can build smaller sets by themselves. Some sets are suitable for 7+ and the pieces are quite fiddly which younger children may struggle with. However, this can be easily overcome with a little adult supervision. The individual pieces can also be a choking hazard for infants under 3. Although the sets are classified as toys with moving parts, they are also replica scale models made of plastic bricks so will not withstand too much rough play.

My Grandfather has dementia and loves talking about his time in the army, would he be able to build one of these sets?

We have had several customers contact us to say that their elderly relatives (88 years old being the current oldest builder we're aware of), who have Alzheimer's, and the sets have been a big hit - therapeutic, achievable and fun.

My son has special needs, would he be able to build one of these sets?

We've had some really lovely feedback from a father who's 30-year-old son has learning difficulties, that he is getting great pleasure from building his sets. We have customers of all ages who report the overall building experience as straightforward and relaxing, with a great end result.

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