What to do when you've got a missing piece from a COBI or CaDA set?

Firstly we are sorry to hear that you've got a part missing! It doesn't happen very often; we hope you understand that models with so many small parts that this type of thing can occur occasionally due to the nature of a model having so many parts.

As we are a retailer, we only have complete sets, we are unable to stock spare parts for all the sets. So, the procedure that we and all Cobi and CaDA retailers follows is to direct our customers to the manufacturer's website. There is a form where you must enter the model and the part number. They also require you take a photo of the manual highlighting the missing part. The manufacturer will then mail the missing part directly to you.

COBI missing parts are mailed from the COBI factory in Poland.
CaDA missing parts are mailed from the CaDA factory in China.

Link to COBI's missing part service HERE: Submit your request here
Link to CaDA's missing part service HERE: Submit your request here

Once you have completed the form you will get an automated email to acknowledge your request and then it is in manufacturers hands to get that part to you.

If you do have any issues please contact us at admin@bricktanks.co.uk.

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