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  • What does the BrickTanks Community think of Sluban and Buildarmy?

    What does the BrickTanks Community think of Sluban and Buildarmy?

    Still mulling over which kit will be your next BrickTanks purchase? Not sure whether to branch out from COBI and try another brand? I've compiled some of the fairest reviews that our new brands have received in the last month.

    As always we love hearing from you and what you think of the kits we offer, if you had have a favourite brand that we do not stock, let us know about it and we can look into stocking it.

    - Amelia 😊


    'For the price this is a good kit, easy to assemble when you get used to the small instructions. These could be improved by making them a bit bigger as my grandson (8) found them hard to follow without help. Other improvement would be more flat bricks to cover a lot of exposed dimples giving a Cobi quality to the shape. Overall a nice kit to start with' - Ian. H


    'This was a different build to the Cobi sets I usually make. The detail on the kit is extraordinary and made for a challenging build that kept me entertained. Some parts were a little flimsy and fiddly to fit in place compared to other kits I've built, in particular the tracks, but they came together with careful persuasion! Overall I'm interested to see more kits and try another later down the line.' - Miles


    'Just completed this kit and while an enjoyable build it is obviously not the same standard as Cobi. Bricks went together well and is an acceptable rendition of a generic tank. Slightly cheaper than Cobi and this shows in the finished set. The instructions could be clearer as young or new starters to brick set's may struggle. All said quite good value.' - Ian. H


    'First impressions - I was pleased with receiving Build Army Sherman M4A3E8 and when opened the box design was well done (Haynes manual cover?) and contents are well made. The instructions are well presented and you get a couple of pages of introduction and photos of the Easy Eight.

    It is definitely a display not play model, the tracks work but not very well. The turret cannot rotate properly due to the front hatches being in the way. Also the. 30 cal machine gun provided for the turret does not come with a 'bracket' to hold it in place which is a shame as it would complete it nicely.

    Overall I would give 8/10 for accuracy and quality of parts. Value for money 7/10 as more expensive than Cobi. If your an avid collector then Build Army is certainly worth considering' - Caspar. R
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