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What COBI Set do You Want to See Next? + New Sets for March/April!

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Hi there!

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Please help us compile a list of potential set suggestions for Cobi to consider for 2020/21. So please share this update however and wherever you can, and especially on social media - thank you in advance!

Please drop us a line at (with subject line: COBI Set Suggestions for 2020) with your COBI set wishlist and we'll compile all the answers into a grand list to present to Cobi at the end of this month. We'll also share the results with you in a future update.


New and returning sets in March & April (latest update from Cobi):

We will announce in the next BrickTanks update when pre-orders for these sets will open:

5700 - Panzerknacker (on order)

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2474A  - Panzer I Ausf B (on order)

COBI 2474 Small Army - Panzer I Ausf B (350 Pcs) Toy, Grey

5512 - Supermarine Spitfire (mid-March)

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4813 - Vehicle and Personnel Higgins Boat (end of March)

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2486A - Rudy 102 T-34/85 (end of March)

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3081 - WoW Battleship Bismarck (end of March)

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4809 - Historical Collection Battleship Tirpitz (beginning of April)

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4810 - Historical Collection Battleship Bismarck (early-mid April)

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2982 - Sturmpanzerwagen A7V Tank (mid-April)

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2617 - Panzer Baukasten (mid-April)

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*Please note that some of the images above may not be of the correct version.


Thanks for browsing and, as always, we welcome ALL feedback regarding our COBI sets and/or BrickTanks :)

Very best wishes

Neil and Zoe

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