What COBI Set do You Want to See Next? + New Sets for March/April!

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What COBI Set do You Want to See Next? + New Sets for March/April!

Hi there!

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Please help us compile a list of potential set suggestions for Cobi to consider for 2020/21. So please share this update however and wherever you can, and especially on social media - thank you in advance!

Please drop us a line at admin@bricktanks.co.uk (with subject line: COBI Set Suggestions for 2020) with your COBI set wishlist and we'll compile all the answers into a grand list to present to Cobi at the end of this month. We'll also share the results with you in a future update.


New and returning sets in March & April (latest update from Cobi):

We will announce in the next BrickTanks update when pre-orders for these sets will open:

5700 - Panzerknacker (on order)

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2474A  - Panzer I Ausf B (on order)

COBI 2474 Small Army - Panzer I Ausf B (350 Pcs) Toy, Grey

5512 - Supermarine Spitfire (mid-March)

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4813 - Vehicle and Personnel Higgins Boat (end of March)

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2486A - Rudy 102 T-34/85 (end of March)

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3081 - WoW Battleship Bismarck (end of March)

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4809 - Historical Collection Battleship Tirpitz (beginning of April)

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4810 - Historical Collection Battleship Bismarck (early-mid April)

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2982 - Sturmpanzerwagen A7V Tank (mid-April)

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2617 - Panzer Baukasten (mid-April)

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*Please note that some of the images above may not be of the correct version.


Thanks for browsing and, as always, we welcome ALL feedback regarding our COBI sets and/or BrickTanks :)

Very best wishes

Neil and Zoe


  • Derek

    I would really like cobi to remake the Fiat G.55 set, and any other Italian planes from ww2

  • Derek

    Love the warships would love to see some new sets. Graf Spee USS Texas ,would really love to see the Blyskiwica come back to complete my warship set.

  • Estonia

    I have 4 favorite historical ships : RMS Lusitania(sank in 1915), HMHS Britannic(sank in 1916), MV Wilhelm Gustloff(sank in 1945) and MS Estonia(sank in 1994). Ever since there are already many versions of RMS Titanic(Britannic is almost like a Hospital version of Titanic), a ton of WW2 sets and many customized baltic ferries, I feel like they would add up nicely to the colections. Love the quality of these sets and how they compete with Lego and it would be really really really awesome if these were made too. Love from Romania!
    P.S. I’m more interested in MS Estonia out of all of them. I’m kinda obsessed with it.

  • Dan Zanger

    I would like to see a cargo ship or perhaps the edmund fitzgerald freighter. I would like to see a redo of the yamato ship. I love building your war ships I have almost all of them so far

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