Weekly Photo Round-Up

Customer photos -

Weekly Photo Round-Up

Welcome to this week's pick of the best customer photos we've shared on social media - enjoy!

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Concorde set #1917. Photo credit: Benjamin W.

 Flak 36/37

Flak 36/37 set. Photo credit: @creeperhead11seal (Instagram)

 Cobi Tiger II and tankette diorama

 Cobi Tiger II

COBI KingTiger a(#2480A) and Tankette

Photo credit: @arkozilla (Instagram)

 Cobi tank collection

Cobi tank collection

Cobi Challenger II, Tiger II, Tiger I 131, Panzer IV sets.

Photo credit: @monsterjamrules (Instagram)

 Cobi T-54 tank set

Cobi T-54 set

Photo credit: Caspar R.

 Cobi USS Enterprise limited edition set

Cobi Yamato, USS Enterprise, Missouri, Bismarck sets

Photo Credit: Richard H.

Cobi tank collection

Credit: Gavin M.

Cobi aircraft collection

Cobi Mitsubishi Zero & Kawasaki 'Tony' fighters vs Corsair & P38 Lightning.

Photo Credit: Caspar R.


Thank you for sending us your photos and allowing us to share them.

Warmest wishes

Zoë & Neil

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