Call the paparazzi! BrickTanks is famous (well, sort of...)

Call the paparazzi! BrickTanks is famous (well, sort of...)


We were recently invited by YouTube content creator, Cabbageface Bricks, to feature on his monthly COBI stream. BrickTanks was represented by our Social Media Queen Amelia 👑, who gave an insider perspective on how BrickTanks started, how it is evolving and what it's like working with COBI. Plus, some speculation about new kits.

Check out the livestream below!

New in

We took stock of our latest COBI delivery this week. Included on this was the new Executive Edition SD.KFZ.7 1&2CM Flakvierling and SD.KFZ.7 Half Track kits, which are flying off the shelves! We also received the new 1:48 scale Panzer IV and 1:12 scale Opel Manta A kits.

We can't wait to see the build pics for these kits roll in!

Before you go!

We'll be attending the Brickin It event in Frome, Somerset on September 3rd. We'd love it if you'd drop by to meet us! Check out more about the event below.
Find out more about Brickin It

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  • Cabbageface

    Hey! It was a great stream and always a pleasure to chat with you girls and guys!

    Thanks for featuring us!

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