Waiting for a COBI Preorder or Backorder?

Hi there,

I'll make this brief as it's not great news, I'm afraid. Our COBI delivery which left the factory on 3rd March, containing various preorders and backorders (see below for which ones), is still in transit due to an unexplained hold up at customs. The tracking isn't exactly clear either - at one point we thought it was going back to Poland! Anyway, you get the idea. COBI have been helpful chasing the forwarder for us, and are now saying it'll hopefully arrive in stock by the end of this week - fingers crossed. I'm sorry this is taking so long - your patience is greatly appreciated.

Once again, thank you for your understanding - we will keep you updated. I'm sure it'll all be worth the wait, once it has arrived!

Warmest wishes,


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  • Mark C

    Thank you for the update. I feel for you guys. :(

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