NEWSFLASH: COBI reveals 8000 brick Tiger 131 set

NEWSFLASH: COBI reveals 8000 brick Tiger 131 set

Happy Monday :)

Over the weekend, COBI announced their biggest (and most expensive) set EVER!
A 1:12 scale replica of the Tiger 131 at the Tank Museum. With nearly 8000 bricks, almost 70cm in length and around 6kg in weight - it is rumoured to cost £599. COBI will confirm the actual price for our customers at the end of May.
The kits are due for release late September.

Thanks to CabbageFace Bricks for sending us some close-up photos of the set when he attended the big reveal.

If you are interested in joining our waiting list to get your hands on one, please complete the form below.

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  • Chris Irwin

    Why is Cobi obsessed with the Tiger tank?? They keep releasing so many versions. It wasn’t the most numerous or best looking of the German tanks. If it has to be an iconic German tank (to satisfy the German market?) why not make a really good model of the Panther V tank – it is much better looking, and was a far better tank in terms of its armour and firepower than the Tiger I. The Panther’s 75mm gun could penetrate armour better than the Tiger’s 88mm gun. It was produced in far greater numbers and was less expensive to build as well….

  • Lee Davison

    That is one awesome model with an awesome price to go with it. At nearly £600 that’s a lot of money that may put a lot of people off, my wife for one would kill me if ( when) I order this. One though I had to help with the cost was if COBI where to split the model into smaller parts, say box 1 with a 1000 piece with appropriate cost, then box 2 and so on.
    Regards Lee

  • Keith Spence

    Yes, I would like to order one of this new version of the Tiger Tank model. I pressed the submit button on you blog printout form above but alas screen button didn’t do anything, so I am resorting to this comment box to place an order for one when it comes out.

  • Chris bull

    Looks good one for the collection

  • Jason LeMar

    Please let me know when tiger 131 is going to be released

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