RC Kits + Get More Discounts + COBI Pre-orders

RC Kits + Get More Discounts + COBI Pre-orders

Hey there,

Good news! Our CaDA order just arrived and is being added to the warehouse system. After a loooong wait, we finally have all the popular Radio Controlled (RC) military and construction brick kits back in stock and any backorders will be with you next week. Check out our best selling CaDA kits below.
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Review: June 2023
CaDA Humvee 1:8 scale RC brick model kit

"Enjoyed every minute of building this, the most complicated build for me so far, but the satisfaction when I finished was immense. Brick Tanks were great to deal with, very helpful, and I feel the Humvee is superb value for the money!"

~ Mark from Southampton
CaDA RC Humvee

Earn More Discounts on Your Orders

As you may be aware, we offer a loyalty programme called Panzer Points
which we recently revised, thanks to customer feedback.

Previously you only got points on the amount spent excluding VAT, which is the default setting. For example, in the past if you spent £100 you would earn 800 points. Now we have dug deeper into the settings and removed the tax part, so £100 now gets you 1000 points. This was put in to effect a couple months back.

500 Panzer Points = £2 off coupon. Minimum spend £10

1000 Panzer Points = £5 off coupon. Minimum spend £25

2000 Panzer Points = £12 off coupon. Minimum spend £50

4000 Panzer Points = £25 off coupon. Minimum spend £80

How to redeem your Panzer Points

1. Log into your BrickTanks account, then click the blue 'Earn Rewards' button on the bottom left of the page to find out how many points you have earned. You are automatically allocated an account when you make your first order with us so you won't miss out on points.
2. If you have enough points, you can turn them into a discount code that can be used at checkout. And that's it!

Please note, it is only possible to use one discount code per order. So, if we
are running a sale which requires you to enter a discount code, you cannot use
your Panzer Points discount code on the same purchase.
In addition to Panzer Points, you can refer others to our store and earn more discounts.

Tank-tastic Referral Programme

Recommend BrickTanks.co.uk to fellow brick military fans….Or
anyone who you think might appreciate the joy of building a brick kit and they will get a 10% off coupon. When they make a purchase using the coupon, you will get a £5 off discount code.

All referrals need to be done using the links provided inside the loyalty programme. For more information on how to earn and redeem Panzer Points please click on the button below or drop us a line at admin@bricktanks.co.uk or call the office on 01823 240910 and we'll be happy to assist you.
Panzer Points FAQs
That's all for this week - have a good one.

Just kidding! As if we'd send out a newsletter without a COBI update. Check out the latest COBI pre-orders below.

Warmest wishes,


PS. Next Saturday (July 1st) BrickTanks will be at Somerset Armed Forces Day - a free, family day out in Vivary Park, Taunton. Let us know if you are planning to go along and come and say hi!

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  • Mark C

    Love the Panzer Points programme, it helps make some of the more expensive sets affordable. Keep up the good work. :)

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