New Discount + Customer Photos

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New Discount + Customer Photos

Hello and welcome to the latest Brick Tanks newsletter,

Firstly, congratulations again to the new owners of four Limited Edition USS Enterprise sets plucked at random from our draw last week - I'm currently waiting to hear back about the final set so you never know, your luck could still be in. It was an absolute delight to chat to those of you who were quick off the mark to get in touch, so thank you for that. The sets should arrive in stock tomorrow.


So, I've decided that rather than emailing our list once every week or so with any news and pre-orders, you might like to receive a round-up of some of the best photos we share on Social Media as well. Please let me know at if you think this is a good idea or if you feel less is more when it comes to hearing from us!


So, as many of you probably know, we are one of the few retailers in the UK which stock the smaller COBI sets including soldiers, artillery, Nato, Youngtimer cars etc. The reason is quite simple, the profit margins are tiny and are more than swallowed up by our postage costs when sold individually, hence the recent introduction of £10 minimum order to qualify for free next day tracked delivery. We were reluctant to introduce that but, as I'm sure you can appreciate, it is still pretty low compared to other much larger retailers.

Cobi military diorama

Gift Bundle Discount

We want to continue to stock these smaller items because we know how popular and fun the sets are, as a treat or for creating fantastic dioramas (as shown above, credit: @zackary_zill).

So, we now offer an automatic 10% discount to encourage visitors to our website to purchase five or more smaller sets in bulk. I hope this is a reasonable incentive and will help ensure we can keep selling these smaller sets in the long term. Please let us know what you think.


Are you one of over 10,000 Cobi fans who follow us on Facebook and Instagram? If not we'd love to see you over there and we'll even reward you with Panzer points when you do! But if you would rather avoid social media then you may appreciate a weekly round up of photos here in the newsletter. Either way, please send us photos of your favourite COBI sets so we can share them.

Visit us at:

Or check out our customer photo gallery:


Cobi T-34/85 set - credit: @delta_papa_34 

 Cobi T-34/85 brick tank set

Modified M16 Half-track for MOD Monday. Credit: Lee D.

Modified COBI M16 half track MOC Monday

A small selection of Caspar R.'s fantastic Cobi collection.

Cobi Brick tank and aircraft collection

@schneider_ww2 shared this fantastic comparison of his COBI Panzer IV set and the real thing! Plus the Tiger II set with the original.

Comparison between a Cobi Panzer IV set and original tank

 Tiger II tank comparison with the Cobi Brick tank set

Finally, a fine looking U-Boot photo thanks to @pedro_laurre.

 Cobi U-Boot set

As always, thank you for your support and please let us know any feedback so we can continue improving our service.

Warmest wishes

Zoë & Neil

A few reminders:

  • DISCOUNT CODES: When you sign up to a free BrickTanks account you automatically earn Panzer Points which eventually add up to discount codes which you can redeem against future orders. There is also an automatic 10% gift bundle discount applied when you purchase 5 or more smaller sets at less than £15 each.
  • PRICE-MATCHING: If you find ANY Cobi set we stock cheaper and available elsewhere including P&P, please email us and we'll do our best to price match for you:
  • MISSING PIECES? If you have missing pieces, please get in touch. We can arrange for COBI to send them directly to you - nothing more annoying then not being able to finish a set!
  • SALES: Check out our SALES page!
  • DISCONTINUED SETS: Don't miss out: double check which sets COBI has informed us they are discontinuing HERE.
  • EARLY BIRD PRE-ORDERS: Place your super early PRE-ORDERS HERE.
  • BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY: COBI is still relatively unknown in the UK please help us spread the word! Please email us photos of your sets and we will share them on our website and social media
  • OVER 340 REVIEWS: Please keep submitting your product and site reviews - we also really appreicate google reviews, plugs and recommendations on Facebook too :)




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