Surprise COBI releases for May + CaDA delivery is HERE!

Surprise COBI releases for May + CaDA delivery is HERE!

Well hello there!

Hope you've had a good week - I've been off for most of it having fun with my children on Easter hols. Huge thanks to James for holding the fort in my absence.

Before I launch into the new COBI sets being released at the end of May, I wanted to let you know that our CaDA delivery has arrived! Yes, you read that correctly. Despite being told it had 'missed the boat' and wouldn't be here until May, lo and behold, this morning our warehouse team informed us that it's been delivered. Not only that, but they've loaded it all on the system, so it's good to go - hurrah! All pre-orders should be out the door by early next week. Check out the full CaDA collection to see which sets are available. The new releases are shown below:
Now for the surprise sets! COBI has been drip feeding some brand new sets on social media this week, well technically one is a new version of an old favourite. For anyone who missed them, here they are:
New Version!
They also have two other new planes which we are waiting on weights and prices for: COBI-5745 Ilyushin IL-2M "Shurmovik" (Soviet version), and COBI-5744 Ilyushin IL-2m3 "Shurmovik" (Polish version). Both are due out late May.
Plane on a stand with camoflage effect grren, white and grey markings.
Green plane with Polish insignia on the tail
And that's your lot for this week. As always, we appreciate your comments, reviews and photos so please keep in touch. Have a great weekend!

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