New COBI Nano tanks - first test!

New COBI Nano tanks - first test!

We've been testing out the new range of 'Nano' tanks from Cobi.  They tie in with the popular World of Tanks franchise, but offer miniture versions of some iconic model sets in the range, and like the other WoT models they also give players an advantage during the game by giving two free codes (for current regular players and for beginners) which allow you to progress faster in the game, improve your battle skills or even fix a damaged tank.


IS-2 Nano Tank box Nano tanks in construction

They kept the kids busy.  The sets are, of course, relatively small, and also use lots of small pieces, but they were fun to construct and also encourage further play once they're built.

The compact size makes them immensely playable for small hands, and they are pretty robust as well.

The rest of the day was spent in a pitch battle between the IS-2 and the Panther tank!  We currently have several sets available for sale here: NEW Nano Tanks




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