Must-see customer reviews

Must-see customer reviews

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We wanted to share some of the excellent reviews you sent us over April.

We love receiving your feedback on the sets and how our customer service performed, if you feel like leaving a review you can do so in many ways, on social media, in the reviews section at the bottom of the product pages, over email or by filming a video to post to your YouTube channel. Please do keep the reviews and product pictures coming so that we can share them with our BrickTanks community!

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Amelia 😊

Perfect display set

"I have got this set today and just when I built the wings I realised it was gonna be a good set. The best bits are the camouflage and the AMAZING engine shape, wing shape and its good looks. I have no issues with this set, compared to the old one its looks amazing. It's a very fun build and after a hard day it was nice to sit down and have a fun build"
- Alfie. B

Superb model

"After couple of hours of building another superb model from Cobi proudly stands on my shelf. This time it's the HMS Warspite, very accurate in detail and very well designed. Bricks are very good quality and fit well and tight. Using printed pads instead of stickers (it became standard practice for Cobi) makes this model look even better. Thank you Cobi and BrickTanks."

Such A Wonderful Build Of A Great Luxury Car

"I purchased this set two days ago and received and built it yesterday, I've got to say it was an amazing build I did struggle a bit as it kept falling apart and the pieces weren't sticking together so tore it apart and built it again after that second go I fell in love with it, the figures are awesome and the good thing is its in scale with LEGO vehicles itself so I was very impressed with that, its now sat happily on my layout in the garage I will definitely be buying more"
- Ashley G.

Great Build & Great Looking Model

"I was aware of Cobi tanks but had been put off buying one, as they seemed to be aimed more at children than collectors and I was not keen on the mini figures as they do not hold any interest for me. I have several of the Lego Creator Expert vehicles, however, as Lego do not make tanks, Cobi appeared to be the only company manufacturing WW11 models, which I am particularly interested in.

After seeing the 131 Tiger as a Cobi model, I watched some YouTube videos & the completed tank looked impressive, so I ordered one from BrickTanks & I am glad I did. The model arrived quickly after my order & with excellent service from BrickTanks.

The tank was an enjoyable build with clear, easy to follow instructions (although that did not stop me going wrong a couple of times). The finished tank looks excellent, although I am still not keen on the mini figures, so they are staying in the box.

I will definitely be buying Cobi tanks again, from BrickTanks, it's just a deciding which one & where I will have the room to put them. I can certainly recommend both Cobi & BrickTanks to any one interest in brick building military models."
- Roy. S

Perfect display set

"As a big fan of this ship and been on it plenty of times I couldn’t wait to have this set on my shelf. As for the building experience, tough but easy with some fantastic building experiences. It is a perfect display set for anyone who is into their World War II battleships and the Belfast as a part of the British Pride, This part of the fleet is a big must have"
- Solobrickbuilder
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  • Aaron Austen

    Thanks for sharing my review, always an amazing service from you guys! Here is to many years of more!

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