Much Anticipated New Releases + Old Favourites Coming Soon

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Much Anticipated New Releases + Old Favourites Coming Soon

Hi there!

This is just a quick heads up about the new Cobi sets arriving in stock over the next couple of weeks. We have held off placing an order with Cobi this week simply because The Hummel (COBI-2516) and Warspite (COBI-3082) are being released next week and we want to get them in stock as soon as possible!

We are also pleased to announce that both the Fokker DR1 (COBI-2974) and the 'Stuka' (COBI-5521) will be returning to our shelves after several months off the Polish production line.

I'll keep you posted regarding pre-orders once our Cobi order has been placed :)

Very best wishes

Zoe & Neil

P.S. Thank you so much to those who have been in touch about our version of Black Friday. It's so much nicer to strike a deal on an individual basis for sets you really want as opposed to panic buying!

If you have your eye on something that hasn't been discounted or isn't in the sale then let us know and we'll be happy to make you an offer. Offer lasts until Monday!



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