Latest COBI kit release dates for May

Latest COBI kit release dates for May

Hello and welcome to this week's blog!

First up, our latest COBI delivery arrived yesterday which included the latest Willys Jeeps, so expect any relevant pre-orders/back-orders on it to be with you either tomorrow or early next week. We now have all three of the 1:35 scale Jeeps in stock:
Secondly, I have a question for you... When was the last time you checked your Panzer Points balance? After a bit of research this week, I was staggered to discover that more than 200 of our customers have over 4000 Panzer Points on their account - that's a £25 discount on orders over £80! Furthermore, over 500 customers have between 2000 and 3999 Panzer Points (£12 discount) and over 1200 customers who have between 1000 and 1999 Panzer Points (£5 discount). I even found one customer who has over 20,000 Panzer Points (James A. I have sent you an email to let you know). So, if it's been a while or never, in some cases, please do sign in and check your account to see how many points you have, you maybe pleasantly surprised. It's our way of thanking you for your loyalty, so we don't want you to miss out!

Even if you haven't registered your account yet, since last year we set it so you automatically accrue points on past purchases. To help remind you to use your Panzer Points, I have also enabled some reminders/pop ups on the website to alert you as to how many points you have when you put items in your basket, so hopefully this will be a helpful nudge. If you have any feedback on Panzer Points or suggestions on how we can make it more accessible, please get in touch or leave a comment below.

Finally, check out the latest release dates for COBI's May releases plus a couple of new kit announcements.

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Discover how to claim your Panzer Points

New COBI Kits Announced: Waco CG-4 + Kubuś

We don't have any images of the actual kits yet but COBI has released some silhouettes to whet your appetite.

Firstly, the Waco CG-4 is due for release approximately 27th May. We will keep you updated once more information becomes available. In the meanwhile here is a bit of history about the glider:

The Waco CG-4 glider holds significant importance in World War II as a vital component of airborne operations. Used extensively by Allied forces, particularly during the Normandy invasion and Operation Market Garden, the CG-4 played a crucial role in delivering troops, equipment, and supplies behind enemy lines. Its silent and stealthy nature allowed for surprise attacks and strategic insertions, contributing to the success of critical missions. Despite being relatively simple in design, the CG-4 proved to be a versatile and effective tool in the hands of skilled pilots.

Kubuś Version 2

A new version of the Kubuś is due for release in June, so watch this space. Here's a little historical background in the meantime: The "Kubuś" (Polish for "Little Jacob") was a homemade hand grenade used by the Polish resistance during World War II. Crafted from readily available materials such as tin cans, nails, and explosive powder extracted from German bombs, the Kubuś served as a symbol of defiance and ingenuity against the Nazi occupation.

What makes the Kubuś significant is its role in clandestine operations carried out by the Polish Home Army, particularly during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Despite its improvised nature, the Kubuś proved surprisingly effective in close-quarters combat, allowing resistance fighters to inflict damage on German forces while operating under the cover of darkness and in urban environments.

What else is coming up in May?

After a relatively quiet April for new releases, COBI is going all out in May in the run up to the 80th Anniversary of D-Day. As always all dates are approximate and we should have most of the kits in stock within 1-2 weeks of their release date.
6th May
9th May
9th May
11th May
Mid May
Mid May
Mid May
20th May
20th May
29th May


  • Andy Bristow

    Just a quick question which, I appreciate, you are completely in COBIs hands about but is there any news about my pre-ordered and much anticipated Akagi? Seems to have gone a bit quiet on that front recently and, yes, I understand that things might have been thrown up in the air somewhat by the fire at their factory.
    An update would be good however if you are in a position to provide one as the shelf on the wall unit I had earmarked for this baby is looking a bit lonesome!
    Thanks & keep up the good work as ever.
    Best wishes

  • Mark C

    Where are the aircraft? :(

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