Latest COBI kits for 2024 + New COBI tank scale

Latest COBI kits for 2024 + New COBI tank scale

Happy New Year!

Hope you had a fantastic break and are not feeling too lazy and lethargic like me, having eaten my body weight in chocolate over Christmas!

There are lots of exciting new COBI kits on the horizon but we don't yet have any images for most of them. However, we are heading to London Toy Fair at end of January to meet with the good people at COBI and we will take lots of photos of any new kits they have on display.

New and noteworthy kits for 2024

(COBI-2585) Sturmmorser Tiger 'Sturmtiger' (Historical Collection)
No. of bricks: 1115
Scale: 1:28
Due for release in March
Price: £89.99

(COBI-5857) Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter (Vietnam War Collection)
No. of bricks: 352
Scale: TBC
Due for release in February
Price: £39.99

New in and back in stock

The latest COBI delivery was booked into stock this afternoon so any pre-orders/ backorders will be shipped out early next week.
This kit is out of production until end of February - we have less than 7 available.
New in!
New in!
Back in stock.
Back in stock.
Back in stock.
DISCONTINUED - these are our last available kits.
Back in stock.

New COBI 1:72 scale tank range

If you lack space or simply enjoy building the smaller sets, then you are in for a treat. It seems that COBI are revisiting their previous 'Nano tank' range to meet new customers at a couple of lower price points. I know this decision will receive a mixed reception from our community, but I'm sure it will help introduce COBI to the next generation of military brick building enthusiasts which can only be a good thing for the sustainability of the company as a whole.

We don't have any images yet, as previously mentioned, but we can provide some exciting examples of some of the upcoming kits:

Series I
Approx. no. of bricks: 82 - 119
Price: £9.99

Sherman M4A3
Panzer III Ausf. L
Cromwell Mk. IV
Somua S-35
Sturmpanzerwagen A7V

Series II
Approx. no. of bricks: 126 - 168
Price: £14.99

Tiger 131
ISU 152
Panzer V Panther
Patton M48
Leopard I
Abrams M1A2
K2 Black Panther

Newly available to pre-order

Due for release around 29th January - expected in stock mid-February.
Due for release around 19th February - expected in stock late Feb - early March.
Due for release around 2nd February - expected in stock mid-February.
That's it for this week. We will have more new kits on the way next week.

Warmest wishes,


P.S. COBI are also bringing out a range of 160 brick Cessna planes at £19.99 each, so let us know if these might be of interest to you and we will look at ordering some in.


  • PBricks

    Toy fair in London? Not in Nurnberg?

  • Mark C

    Hi Zoe,
    I’d certainly be interested in the Cessnas. :)
    All the best,

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