Is COBI fake LEGO®?

A lot of diehard Lego fans ask this question (we are also Lego fans by the way!). The term 'fake Lego' suggests ANY alternative is counterfeit or a clone of Lego, which simply isn't true.

Lego's patent expired in 1989, allowing other companies to enter the plastic block market - thank goodness. No brand should be allowed to dominate over all others, especially not when it comes to plastic toy blocks!

More and more people are opening their minds to quality alternatives to Lego thankfully, but let's not be naïve, there is a broad spectrum of brands out there, which vary in quality dramatically. From cheap Chinese clone brands such as Lepin (which definitely is classed as fake Lego) to more accepted and respected brands such as Cobi.

Cobi aren't trying to rip off Lego for starters. Lego has made it very clear that they will never do military, so thankfully Cobi has filled that gap in the market and we are extremely grateful they have.

Cobi fans do not slate Lego for their high prices, they're mostly just grateful to be able to build realistic, historically accurate military sets at affordable prices.

This video explains some of the differences between some of the main competitors and the Top Ten Lego Alternatives:
Or search for 'Top Ten Lego Alternatives' on YouTube to get a more balanced perspective from some one who's carried out his own research.

But why not have the best of both worlds, we say? And with the current economic climate, we need all the value LEGO alternatives we can get. Lego certainly isn't going bust anytime soon!

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