The Torcross D-Day Sherman: From Sinking to Resurrection

The Torcross D-Day Sherman: From Sinking to Resurrection

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Last Thursday we took a trip to Slapton Sands in Torcross, Devon and visited an interesting WWII memorial site. Aside from being a beautiful location, the local area is steeped in history. A visit is highly recommended!

The Torcross D-Day Sherman Tank: The Remarkable Restoration by Ken Small

The Torcross D-Day Sherman tank, affectionately dubbed the 'swimming tank,' holds a captivating story that extends beyond its tragic sinking during the D-Day invasion. Thanks to the dedication and perseverance of one man, Ken Small, this iconic war machine found new life.

A Hero's Downfall

The 'swimming tank' was a Sherman tank adapted by the British to traverse both land and water during the critical moments of the D-Day invasion. Equipped with a waterproof canvas screen, floatation devices, and propellers, the tank boasted impressive amphibious capabilities, allowing it to approach the enemy from unexpected angles and provide immediate fire support upon landing. Despite its innovative design, a combination of challenging conditions and enemy fire led to the sinking of several of these formidable machines, including one that found its resting place off the coast of Torcross, Devon, England.
The 'swimming tank' being pulled from the sea. Source:
Ken Small's Big Vision

In 1974, Ken Small, a local businessman and history enthusiast, stumbled upon the submerged remains of the 'swimming tank' while researching the D-Day landings. Fueled by his passion for history, Small envisioned rescuing the tank and creating a memorial to honour the bravery of the Allied forces.

With an indomitable spirit and against numerous bureacratic challenges, he was finally able to purchase the tank from the US government for $50 USD. But even then, it took until 1984 (ten years later) and with the help of a dedicated team to salvage the tank from the depths of the sea, piece by piece. Small painstakingly reconstructed the tank, striving for authenticity and historical accuracy.
Legacy and Commemoration

Ken Small's efforts went beyond restoring a single tank. His work ignited a renewed interest in preserving and commemorating World War II artifacts. To this day, the tank serves as a focal point for veterans, historians, and enthusiasts alike, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the sacrifices made during the war.
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