Golden Ticket giveaway!

Golden Ticket giveaway!

Do you remember when you first watched the golden ticket scene in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory? After first seeing the scene, every chocolate bar (even though it was just Cadbury's!) that I unwrapped I silently prayed that a corner of gold would peak through. Unfortunately, this was never the case but I've always held onto that small hope that one day I would receive my own Golden Ticket.

If this sounds familiar, then it's your lucky day! To celebrate the upcoming Platinum Jubilee weekend we've decided to do something quite exciting...a Golden Ticket giveaway! We'll be randomly adding Golden Tickets in to orders from Thursday the 26th of May to Wednesday 1st of June at 2pm, so for a chance to receive a Golden Ticket simply place an order of any in-stock item (or items) within this time.

Don't worry though, if you do win a Golden Ticket we won't force you to visit us at BrickTanks HQ and lick the furniture! Each ticket will have a different prize on offer from £5-£50 off vouchers, to 20% off. Once you've received your golden ticket simply send us a picture of the ticket and we'll issue you with your discount code.


  • Dogeclanleader

    What does the furniture taste like?

  • Andy Cowden

    Is the offer of licking the furniture still available?

  • Noah

    Love the cobi keep up the good work

  • Yestyn

    Would love one pleaseeee

  • Justin

    Would love one too

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