Father's Day Sale + Trooping the Colour + Red Arrows

Father's Day Sale + Trooping the Colour + Red Arrows

A very good day to you!

Here at BrickTanks, we are feeling rather patriotic this week. With the recent arrival of COBI's Red Arrows, Trooping the Colour on Saturday, featuring a flypast by the Red Arrows, and on top of all of that, it's Father's Day on Sunday!

To celebrate everything British and our fathers (whichever nationality they happen to be!), we are offering 15% off all our British models, puzzles and books etc. when you spend £40 or more. Use REDARROWS15 at the checkout. Only one discount code can be used at a time and cannot be combined with Panzer Points. The promotion ends Sunday, June 18th at midnight. Check out the full Best of British collection HERE.

Have a Great British weekend - let's hope it doesn't rain!


PS. Two COBI orders arrived this week - the latest contained the StuG IV (2576), Ilyushin II (5744) and Ilyushin II (5745) most of which is live on the system.
PPS. Finally, here's a fascintaing and informative summary of the latest COBI pre-orders from our friend, Aaron, over at CabbageFace Bricks:

A Spectacular Display of Tradition and Precision: Trooping the Colour and the Red Arrows

Trooping the Colour and the Red Arrows are two iconic British traditions that capture the essence of military excellence and national pride. This year Trooping the Colour is taking place this weekend (Saturday, June 17th) with a flypast from the Red Arrows. Both these events showcase the rich history and precision of the British Armed Forces, leaving spectators in awe of their skill and precision. Let's delve into the significance and magnificence of these extraordinary displays.

Trooping the Colour

Trooping the Colour, a tradition for 260 years, celebrates the British
Sovereign's birthday. Originating from the 17th century, it served as a
rallying point with flags (colour) on the battlefield. Today, the ceremony
showcases military splendor, with the King's Guard and Household
Division parading in spendid uniforms. The highlight is a majestic march
past, accompanied by stirring music, as the monarch receives the salute.
This symbolises the loyalty and unity of the British Armed Forces to
the Crown.

In 2023, King Charles III will experience his inaugural
Trooping the Colour as Sovereign. Over 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses, and
400 musicians will unite, displaying military precision, equestrian
skill, and splendid pageantry to honour the monarch's birthday. The
procession begins at Buckingham Palace, moves along The Mall to Horse
Guard's Parade, with members of the Royal Family on horseback and in
carriages. The spectacle concludes with a Red Arrows flypast,
witnessed by the Royal Family from the palace balcony.
Trooping the Colour in 1956
By Central Office of Information official photographer - This is photograph TR 7257 from the collections of the Imperial War Museums., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=20654452
Trooping the Colour, London, June 2013
By Photo: Corporal Paul Shaw/MOD, OGL v1.0, Link
The Red Arrows

The Red Arrows, officially known as the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, are renowned worldwide for their breathtaking aerial displays. These highly skilled pilots perform awe-inspiring formations and precision maneuvers, leaving spectators spellbound. With their distinctive red aircraft and trails of colourful smoke, the Red Arrows exhibit the agility, professionalism, and teamwork of the RAF. Their displays showcase the excellence and capabilities of the British military aviation sector.
Red Arrows flypast after the ceremony, 15 June 2013
By Carfax2 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26708885

Trooping the Colour and the Red Arrows are quintessential symbols of British military tradition and prowess. These displays exemplify the discipline, precision, and dedication of the armed forces, captivating audiences with their sheer magnificence. Whether it's the regal ceremony of Trooping the Colour or the thrilling aerial acrobatics of the Red Arrows, these events embody the spirit of patriotism and pride in the United Kingdom. They serve as a reminder of the nation's rich heritage and the extraordinary capabilities of its armed forces.

Favourite Picks from the Best of British collection.

Check out the full Best of British collection HERE and don't forget to use code: REDARROWS15. Conditions apply.

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