Everything you need to know about COBI brick kits

Are Cobi bricks/blocks compatible with Lego?

All sets are compatible with Lego and have many additional features and specially designed brick types that enable new designs, and allow greater levels of interaction with the completed models, something our customers often say sets COBI aside from LEGO which tends to only produce standard bricks.

I bought a Cobi tank construction set five years ago but wasn't overly impressed with the quality, in particular the tracks kept falling off, has Cobi improved their sets since then?

Absolutely! Cobi regularly updates its sets based on customer feedback. If you let us know which set it was we can tell you if the set has been updated since then or we can send your feedback direct to Cobi. We really appreciate ALL feedback.

Why are your sets so cheap compared to Lego - are they poor quality?

Put it this way, we are big Lego fans in our house - our sons have bucket loads of the stuff. When we bought our first Cobi set (the Sherman Firefly) in 2016, we were so impressed by the high quality bricks, design and relatively low price (compared to Lego) that we decided to become a Cobi retailer! The vast majority of our customers are equally impressed with the quality and value for money each set provides.

My Dad loves Lego and he also loves WWI and WWII tanks, but how accurate are your sets? Are they scale models of original vehicles?

Our customers are mostly military history enthusiasts and they tell us the sets are pretty accurate. The sets are, however, made of bricks so there will always be a limitation to the level of accuracy Cobi can produce. But they do a pretty good job in our opinion. If your Dad loves Lego and military history, I'm 99% sure he will love them!

Is COBI a Chinese LEGO clone company?

No, COBI is manufactured in Poland and specialises in scale, replica, military sets. The bricks are compatible with LEGO but that's as far as it goes. We have both LEGO and COBI in our house and cannot tell the difference in terms of quality and fit.

Why are Cobi sets so expensive?

Everything is relative but generally speaking with Cobi you get a lot more bricks for your money than other leading brands such as Lego. Also, it's a very niche market and where else would you find replica scale models of WWI and WWII tanks and planes etc. made out of bricks? With the majority of our Cobi sets you are buying more than a generic construction model, you are buying a small piece of history and a fantastic talking point.

Cobi doesn't have my favourite Tank / Air Craft / Battleship as a set, can I request it?

Absolutely! We regularly collate lists of new sets our customers have requested which we pass onto Cobi and they are very happy to consider. Please forward any suggestions to admin@bricktanks.co.uk.

What is a Pre-Order set and when will it be available?

When Cobi announce a new model, we will add the page to our website. As soon as all essential details are released by Cobi (dimensions, price etc.) we will start accepting Pre-Orders. On the product page we will clearly write the Month this new set will be released by Cobi. If you Pre-Order it you will be one of first people to get your hands on a new Cobi model, how exciting.

For models that are not new, but we have run out of stock and we know we will be getting more on our next delivery, we will continue accepting orders and the website will also count these as Pre-Orders.

According to the Cobi website they have released a new set this week. How long will it take for you to get some in stock?

Typically, we order new stock every 7 - 10 working days, so at the earliest we will get a new product within a week of its release. Often we are the first UK retailer to get new Cobi models.

You have quite a few sets on your website that have been out of stock for a while, are they ever coming back?

We do delete some sets which have been discontinued but we found quite a few 'discontinued' sets reappeared, albeit it briefly, so we decided to leave them there in case they make a unexpected come back!

We now have a Discontinued sets section on our website so you can see which sets are being discontinued and unlikely to return.

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