End of an era

End of an era

We are embarking on a big change at BrickTanks this week and to be honest, I have mixed feelings about it. It feels like the end of an era in many ways. Let me explain.

Since I took over running BrickTanks in February 2018, I was doing pretty much everything myself from packing parcels and ordering in stock to responding to customer emails and posting on social media – we’ve come a long way since then, getting our own warehouse and two full-time staff. It’s been quite a journey for me personally as I previously had little business experience and zero knowledge of tanks!

I’ve had to get to grips with using various IT systems, warehouse processes and learning to identify numerous military vehicles, as well as managing the finances (with help from Neil in the background obviously). But one thing I always said was I wanted to maintain the personal touch no matter what. The connection with so many amazingly loyal customers who I am very fond of is what has kept me going over the years. And a large part of that connection is the handwritten notes we put in with each order.

So, I was conflicted when Neil and I sat down to discuss the idea of outsourcing the fulfilment. James and Amelia have been doing a brilliant job of fulfilling orders, but as the business grows their expertise are better put to use elsewhere than packing parcels each day (like making Pippa the pooch a social media star).

This week we are moving over to a third party fulfilment warehouse who will be sending out orders on our behalf. This will mean an end to our little notes and we have decided not to print them instead as that feels a bit inauthentic. That said, we hope the move will enable us to step up our customer service instead and we are coming up with some fun new ways to add more creative personal touches.

We hope the transition to the new warehouse will be a positive one, we’ll all be glad to move out of our dungeon and into an office which has windows for starters! Please do let us know if there are any teething issues from your side. Luckily the new warehouse is only over the road, so we can easily go and check up on them.

Warmest wishes,

Zoë and the BrickTanks Team
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  • Lee A'Court

    Hi Team, its a nice touch that you let the customer base know. Its a completely understandable approach, you can’t run the company like a cottage business as it grows. I’m pleased that your doing so well as to be able to take this step on your developmental path.
    All the very best

  • Juan (España)

    Good evening
    Since the United Kingdom left the European Union it is impossible to buy from Spain. The products pass customs and come with extra costs.

    My opinion is that it has greatly affected all the exports that the stores made from your country.

    All the best


  • Julie Greatbatch

    Hope all goes well with the new packing system. I’ll miss the little notes, but I’ll be brave 😜 thanks for everything.
    Stay safe everyone xx

  • Shaun

    Wishing you all the best with the transition over..I have only had one order from yourselves at the moment and I cannot fault you so will be placing more orders very soon..

  • tanya alvis

    hi gang, loved ur little notes but quite understand, we know u are all still thinking of us all, and Rob has got all of his school mates onto u too, so well done for all ur hard work and stay safe love the Alvis family in Kent x

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