Discontinued Sets UPDATE - What's Returning & What's not!

Discontinued Sets UPDATE - What's Returning & What's not!

Last week I reported on several sets due to disappear after stock runs out, then this week Cobi announced that some of those sets will NOT in fact be disappearing and instead a new version will now be released!

Firstly, I'm very sorry if I inadvertently misled anyone and you panic bought one of these sets. It was a genuine mistake and I'm happy to accept any returns should you wish to wait for the new version to come out instead. 

Yesterday, Cobi clarified that several of the sets "were supposed to be discontinued but eventually, it’s been decided to have them back." 

Here is a round up from the horse's mouth (images shown are of the current version):

SU 85 Self-propelled Gun - Lego compatible COBI 2379 - 413 brick self-propelled gun

For #2379 we’re not planning a new version. If you like this set, we have only a very limited quantity of it now.

#2472 – it’s a new model, the construction is better, new colours

#2480 (Tiger II) – new model with Porsche turret

#2486 (RUDY) – a better construction of the model


#2187 (Kubel Wagen) – a better construction of the model

#2366 (Leichter Panzerspähwagen (Sd Kfz 222) – a better construction of the model

#2378 (GMC Truck) – one figure less, the model itself stays without changes

#3009 (Leopard I) – is coming back, no changes in construction


Once again I'm very sorry for any confusion and please get in touch if you have any questions or wish to return an old version of one these sets: admin@bricktanks.co.uk.

Very best wishes


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