Pre-order Updates + Event Photos

Pre-order Updates + Event Photos

Hello :)

Is it just me or is July flying by already? This may be to do with the event we attended last weekend (more on that in a moment), plus we just snapped up a last minute stand at the Mid Devon Show in Tiverton on 22nd July. Bookings were closed, but after James charmed spoke to the organiser about what we sell, she sounded pretty excited. Enough said or we might get her into trouble!

Delayed: COBI pre-order sets

If you are waiting for a pre-order, please note COBI's release dates have changed for the sets below. BrickTanks will have them in stock approximately 2 weeks later.
Revised release date: 8th August
Revised release date: 10th August
Revised release date: 11th July
Revised release date: 27th July
Revised release date: 27th July
Revised release date: 27th July

Somerset Armed Forces Day, Vivary Park, Taunton
1st July 2023

Last Satuday was our first Armed Forces Day event and it certainly won't be our last. We received a very warm welcome. There's nothing like meeting people face-to-face who have a passion for LEGO and military vehicles, especially when they haven't heard of COBI. Then being able to tell them that the models they are admiring are actually made by COBI which specialises in military brick kits. Let's just say, we made a lot of people happy that day. By the end we were pretty tired, but the time flew by and the look of amazement on people's faces was priceless when they realised the pre-built models were made out of plastic bricks! Also great to meet some of our regular customers, so thanks for introducing yourselves :)

Pre-orders on the way!

The following new releases are due in stock mid July. Thank you for your patience.

Popular sets due back in stock soon

Due for re-release on 7th July - due back in stock mid to late July
Due back in stock mid July

Huge thanks to Jed G. for sharing his experience (good and bad) of building the CaDA T34 RC brick tank kit. We are starting to get a clearer picture of the sort of person who enjoys constructing these more technical kits, which are not for the faint-hearted. We appreciate honest, helpful reviews and feel this one fits the bill.

New COBI pre-orders due for release in August

As a small business, we really appreciate your ongoing support and feedback - thank you and have a great week!

Warmest wishes,

Zoë & James

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