COBI vs. Buildarmy vs. CaDA: The difference between the brands stocked on BrickTanks

COBI vs. Buildarmy vs. CaDA: The difference between the brands stocked on BrickTanks

When BrickTanks launched in 2016 we stocked the entire COBI military range. Over time we decided to branch out and stock other brands of brick military that we deemed to be good quality and at the right price point.

We're now stockists of COBI, Buildarmy and CaDA. Although each brand creates a similar product they are each very different types of model. We've broken down the pros and cons of each brand below so you can decide which brand would be best for you.
  • Perfect for any and all ages
  • Wide range of combat vehicles, including; tanks, planes, battleships and aircraft carriers
  • Good likeness to the real-life counterparts
  • Easy to follow instruction manuals
  • No stickers! All new kits include fully pad printed bricks
  • Affordable alternative from leading building brick brand
  • Models can lack intricate details
  • Some of the kits might not be challenging enough for experienced builders
  • The minifigures might not be to everyone's taste!
  • Greater technical accuracy compared to other brands
  • Challenging kits aimed at experienced builders
  • More of a display model than a toy
  • Different build techniques than other brands of brick building kits
  • Models are quite fiddly due to the intricate details
  • The brand is relatively young and hasn't got a wide variety of models YET.
  • The instruction manual can be difficult to follow but the brand are consistantly improving.
  • Kits don't include minifigures
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CaDA Double Eagle
  • Unique products due to RC elements
  • Interesting build techniques
  • Great value for money as kits include bricks and RC elements
  • The brand is very new so will be keen to bring out many new kits
  • Can be challenging if you are an RC novice
  • The brand is only 2 years old and doesn't have a wide variety of combat models.
  • Kits don't include minifigures
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  • Tom

    Cobi cons:
    -very one-sided range of goods: too many German sets hardly allied
    - currently little new only remakes
    -No infrastructure for creative Moccer, only possible by buying sets as a parts donor or in the most expensive parts shop in the world at Cobi directly
    -too many different scales
    - Color not compatible with other brands
    -Pad printed not always good, for example: I really like the Vickers Wellington, but I don’t buy it because I would like to have a British squadron identification and not a Polish one, the same problem is with the Spitfire!

  • Gavin

    You don’t mention where the models are from, and where they’re made.

    Cobi is well know to be Polish and proud of it, and all there stuff is made there I believe.

    What about the others?

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