COBI: Limited Edition VS. Executive Edition VS. Standard Edition

COBI: Limited Edition VS. Executive Edition VS. Standard Edition


With the first wave of new COBI releases due in stock next month, we thought it would be a good time to clarify the differences between the Limited Edition and Executive Edition sets.

COBI has decided to decrease the number of Limited Edition sets being released this year and instead release more Executive Edition sets. This is great news for UK customers as you now have the option to purchase Executive Editions in the UK and not have to pay expensive shipping charges to get hold of the Limited Edition sets direct from COBI in Poland.

So, what is the difference between Limited Edition and Executive Edition? The main difference is the Executive Edition sets do not include an official certificate signed by the President of COBI, which in theory makes them less collectible/valuable. But, if you're less of a collector and more about the details, then the Executive Edition sets are the best choice for you. We were frustrated when COBI decided to stop ALL retailers from selling Limited Edition sets, so the introduction of the Executive Edition sets seem like a fair compromise to us!

In summary, in comparison to the Standard version, the Executive Edition sets will:
  • Have more bricks/unique bricks
  • Have more detailed PAD printed pieces
  • Have more figures per kit OR there will be more detailed figures included.
  • NOT have a signed certificate like the Limited Edition kits.
  • Will be available to order from BrickTanks (and other UK retailers)!
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  • Mark C

    A useful bit of info. I’m pleased that the Executive editions will be available from Brick Tanks, in fact I already have a pre-order in for the Iroquois!
    I really liked the alternative markings on the new Fokker Dr1 but wasn’t prepared to pay the punitive postage charges from Poland, so ended up not buying it at all because, in my opinion, the Standard edition was worse than the original that I already have. Sale lost there.

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