Christmas Gift Ideas for Military History Enthusiast

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Military History Enthusiast

As the evenings start to get darker and the temperature starts to drop one thing is for sure, the British winter is approaching. But don’t let that make you gloomy as the highlight of the winter period for many is of course Christmas.

That wonderful period when we spend quality time with our family and friends, enjoy good food and maybe a few special beverages. But the tricky part of Christmas is what gifts to buy your family. What to buy the Granddad, Dad or Uncle who has everything? I mean how many years can we give them socks?!

Time to get creative. If there are any members of your family appreciate military history and enjoying building things then you are in the right place. BrickTanks have a wide range of realistic military models. All of our models are made using bricks with lots of customized bricks and parts so the completed model looks just like the Tank, Plane or Battleship that it is based on.

The selection of military models we have curated below are over £25 which mean free postage for all UK based customers.
This tank was widely deployed by the American and their allies during WWII, the Cobi model has 725 bricks and will provide several hours of entertainment building this model.
A unusual British Bomber, unusual in the sense that it’s frame was mostly constructed of wood. Orders were given to scrap the project, but certain military figures defended the design and it went on to become one of the fastest operational aircraft in the world in 1941.

This Cobi model with 449 bricks will please all military enthusiasts.
If the avid military fan in your family has already built some of our tank and planes, don’t forget all the military boats and submarine models we offer. The U-47 was one of the most successful German U-boats of WWII.
For the military fan that is running out of space to display any more models, check out these fascinating reads. Don’t forget a Brick Tanks mug with a Spitfire inspired illustration.

Still not sure what to gift to get the military enthusiast in your family

Surprise them with a Brick Tanks gift voucher so they can browse our huge range of military vehicles and decide which model they most want.

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