Cheaper Shipping Rates for mainland Scotland.

Cheaper Shipping Rates for mainland Scotland.

Cheaper shipping rates for customers in mainland Scotland.


You may be aware that in the past Brick Tanks had one standard rate for all regions of the UK. We would use Royal Mail for parcels up to 2KG. 
DPD for parcels above 2KG

However, the rates for sending parcels to Scotland, N.Ireland, Channel Islands etc. via DPD kept increasing over the last few years. To the point we were making a loss on some orders going to these regions.
As a customer if you go on many couriers websites and get a quote for shipping a parcel from Somerset, where we are based, to various locations in the UK, including England, Wales, mainland Scotland and Scottish Islands, you may be presented with the same charge. But alas, when we are billed there are extra surcharges and fees for certain regions!
Therefore we were forced to move to a weight-based policy for Scotland, N.Ireland etc.

We are well aware many of our valued customers in these regions were not happy with the additional shipping charges and some stopped ordering from us.

The good news is we now also have an account with Parcel Force.
 The rates for us to send parcels to our customers in mainland Scotland are the same as when we send parcels to customers in England and Wales.

So of course, we will revert our rates for mainland Scotland to be the same as England and Wales
. Orders less than £35 will have a £4.99 shipping fee. Orders £35 and over shipping is FREE of Charge.

However, there is a slight technical issue.
 Our website does not allow us to separate Scotland into different regions with different rates. As we cannot afford to give the customers in the Scottish Islands the same rate our work around solution as follows:

1. We will leave the weight-based shipping rates for Scotland in place.
2. If you are in mainland Scotland and you are charged more than the amount customers in England and Wales get charged, we will refund that from your payment.
3. We will keep an eye out for orders from customers in mainland Scotland so we can actively refund them.
4. We also invite all customers in mainland Scotland to email us after placing an order to ask if a shipping refund is due.

This solution is not ideal but is the best workaround we have with our current website / online checkout system.

Hope all is clear, let us know if you have any questions.

Rest assured, we will refund customers ordering to mainland Scotland for charges greater than the amount our customers in England and Wales pay for shipping on all orders placed from 3rd June 2023 onwards.

Apologies to customers in the Scottish Islands, but we are not able to offset the additional charges we must pay to send packages to these locations.

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