Breaking News: COBI 2022 releases

Breaking News: COBI 2022 releases

Last night COBI released their catalogue images for the new releases coming out in the first half of this year.

In July, we will be seeing the release of a WWI Rolls-Royce armored car kit in conjunction with Bovington Tank Museum. Apparently, there will be more WWI kits coming out later in the year.

We're super excited about the return of Battleship Yamato, this will be released in an executive edition with an exclusive minifigure and a standard edition, sans minifigure.

More 1:48 scale tanks will be arriving in May and June, including a re-worked Churchill and a Tiger VI '131' in conjunction with the Bovington Tank Museum.

Two versions of the M26 Pershing will be landing in April and May, an executive edition with exclusive minifigures and M5 gun trailer. And a standard edition without the M5 Gun.

Make sure to keep an eye out at our pre-orders collection for these kits to become available.

Check out all of the new releases below and don't forget to let us know what you think of the new releases in the comments below!


  • Rob Atkinson

    M26 Pershing (exutive edition) and Panther look as though they will be added to my collection

  • Mark C

    Some great looking sets there. I already have some preorders in and can’t wait for them to arrive. :)

  • Caspar

    I like the look of the Rolls Royce armoured car, SAAB Gripen, the new Me 109 (though I wish they did later versions with different camouflage), the MIG-15 & F16D looks tempting. I have enough battleships and so won’t be rushing to get anymore…but never say never!

  • Tim Hone

    Looking forward to these new sets.

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