Alternative Lego compatible brands

Alternative Lego compatible brands

Do you love the concept of Lego but find the set styles repetitive and expensive? COBI are an excellent alternative brand that is still Lego-compatible, so you can use the two brands alongside each other.

COBI specialises in creating scale, historically accurate military vehicles and weapon sets, filling the gap in the market that Lego do not and will not create.

Although COBI can be used with Lego, the components (bricks) that make the models are very different. Lego keep to the very blocky/ brick-like style to their models', whereas COBI mold their pieces to look more realistic and accurate to their life-like comparison. COBI are now also making the move towards fully PAD printed pieces rather than the pesky stickers that are included in many Lego sets.

COBI have received many glowing reviews from their fanbase and die-hard Lego fans alike for their great quality bricks, enjoyable and inventive builds and affordable prices.

If you don't want to take our word for it, why not check out the below review?

Check out some of the incredible sets that COBI make below

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