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More COBI kits on the way!

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7 Forgotten or Failed Operations of WWII

1. Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night
This was a planned biological warfare attack by Imperial Japan against the United States and other Allied powers in WWII. The plan involved the deployment of aircraft carrying plague-infected fleas to release over California. However, the operation was never carried out due to Japan's surrender in August 1945.
2. The Icelandic Invasion
In May 1941, British forces occupied Iceland, a neutral country, to prevent it from falling into German hands. This was done to ensure control of the North Atlantic and protect Allied shipping routes. Despite Iceland's protests of neutrality violation, the occupation continued until the end of the war, and it contributed to Iceland's eventual decision to join NATO.

3. Operation Pastorius
This was a failed German sabotage plan during WWII. In 1942, eight German agents were sent to the United States with the mission to sabotage key American infrastructure targets. However, the operation was compromised, and all eight agents were captured by the FBI shortly after landing in the U.S. They were later executed.

4. Operation Anthropoid
This was the code name for the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, one of the key architects of the Holocaust and a high-ranking Nazi official. The operation was carried out by Czechoslovakian agents in 1942 in Prague. Heydrich died from his injuries, sparking brutal reprisals by the Nazis against the Czech population.

5. The Battle of Castle Itter
In the waning days of WWII, an extraordinary invasion took place at
Castle Itter in Austria. This battle is unique because it involved American
soldiers fighting alongside Wehrmacht soldiers (German Army) against an SS
unit. French prisoners, including former French Prime Ministers, were also
involved in defending the castle. It is one of the very few instances of German
and Allied troops fighting together against a common enemy.
6. Operation Cottage
This was the codename for the Allied invasion of the island of Kiska, part of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, which was occupied by Japanese forces in 1942. However, when Allied troops landed on the island in 1943, they found it deserted. The Japanese had evacuated two weeks earlier. Despite the lack of opposition, the invasion was a significant event in the Pacific theatre, making it one of the few land battles fought on American soil during WWII.

7. The Battle of Madagascar
In 1942, British forces launched an invasion of the island of Madagascar, which was under Vichy French control at the time. The goal was to prevent the island from falling into Japanese hands and to secure sea routes in the Indian Ocean. The operation was successful, and Madagascar remained under Allied control for the duration of the war.
Hope you enjoyed these lesser known operations and invasions from WWII. Let me know in the comments if you know of any others that might be of interest. Otherwise, have a great weekend!

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