6 intriguing facts about WWII

6 intriguing facts about WWII

Discover MORE fascinating facts, from Al Capone to Hitler's plans to holiday in Blackpool.

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1. After the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt searched for a bulletproof car. However, because government regulation prohibited spending more than $750 to buy a car, the only one they could find was Al Capone’s limo, which had been seized by the Treasury Department after he was arrested for tax evasion. FDR said, “I hope Mr. Capone won’t mind.”

2. Female U.S. Marines were called BAMs (Broad-Assed Marines) and male HAMs (Hairy-Assed Marines).

3. Adolf Hitler gave the order to spare the British city of Blackpool from bomb attacks, as he intended to go on holiday there after Germany had won the war.

4. The French weightlifter Charles Rigoulet was sent to a Nazi prison. He broke out by bending the metal rods of his prison cell and was even able to free several other fellow prisoners.

5. During the blitz, all venomous and deadly animals in the London Zoo were killed to prevent them from escaping into the city and killing anyone in case the zoo was bombed.

6. Coca Cola was considered essential to the US troops in North Africa. Three complete Coca Cola bottling plants were sent there.

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