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Waffenträger Auf PZ.IV (World of Tanks) - Lego compatible COBI 3033 - 500 brick tank destroyer

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Prototype self-propelled howitzer (Waffenträger translates as 'weapon carrier') developed in Germany 1943-1944 but never produced. The gun could be fired from the chassis but the vehicle's main feature was that it could carry and off-load the gun onto the ground or a concrete firing emplacement and the turretless chassis could then be used as an ammunition carrier or recovery vehicle. However, Krupp produced only three prototypes of the Waffenträger from 1942–1943 and the quantity of materials required for its construction was so great that German High Command saw it as too much of a threat to the production of mainstream tanks and halted any further development.

  • 500 blocks
  • 1 figure: German tank commander
  • Bodywork with pad printing
  • Easy-to-follow instruction manual
  • Compatible with LEGO and other leading brands of construction blocks
  • Model dimensions (length x height): 280mm x 160mm

read more about Waffenträger on Wikipedia

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