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VW Kübelwagen Type 82 - Lego compatible COBI 2187 - 150 brick light vehicle

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Light military vehicle designed by Ferdinand Porsche and built by Volkswagen (based heavily on the VW Beetle). The first test vehicles had no doors and were fitted with bucket (german kübel) seats, thus acquiring the name Kübelsitzwagen that was later shortened to Kübelwagen. Tested in the September 1939 invasion of Poland, full-scale production began in 1940 and continued until the end of the war with 50,435 produced. The Kübelwagen was as ubiquitous in the german wehrmacht and SS as was the Jeep (cat no.24092) in the allied armies. It was very lightweight and coped well with rough terrain having a smooth underbody and high ground clearance. The body could easily be modified to special purposes.

150 blocks
1 figure: German officer
Block relicas of weapons: Mauser C96 pistol
Bodywork with pad printing
Easy-to-follow instruction manual
Compatible with LEGO and other leading brands of construction blocks
Model dimensions (length x height): 140mm x 60mm

read more about Kubelwagen on Wikipedia

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