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SU-85 Self-propelled Gun (Nano Tank) - Lego compatible COBI 3020 - 63 brick self-propelled gun

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The SU-85 (Samokhodnaya Ustanovka 85) was a Soviet self-propelled gun based on the chassis of the T-34 (cat no.2476) medium tank and used during World War II. It was intended to serve as a tank destroyer. The designation "85" refers to the bore of the vehicle's armament, the 85 mm D-5S gun. The SU-85 was a modification of the earlier SU-122, replacing its 122 mm M-30S howitzer with a D-5T high-velocity 85 mm antitank gun which was capable of penetrating the German Tiger I (cat no.2436) from 1000 metres. The vehicle had a low profile and excellent mobility with a rate of fire indispensable to destroying moving targets. It entered combat in August 1943 and saw active service across the Eastern Front until the end of the war. 2,050 units were produced. However, its 85 mm weapon was not adequate to penetrate the armour of the larger German armoured fighting vehicles and it was replaced by the SU-100. Though withdrawn from Soviet service soon after the war, it was exported to many Soviet client states in Europe and elsewhere and some were converted to use as command and recovery vehicles. It remained in service for many years in places such as North Korea and Vietnam.

This version is a miniature model with 63 bricks

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