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Saturn V Rocket - Lego compatible COBI 21080 - 415 brick spacecraft

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Used by NASA between 1967 and 1973, this expendable three-stage liquid-propellant super heavy-lift rocket was developed to support the Apollo program of Moon exploration and was used later to launch Skylab, the first American space station.

The Saturn V was launched 13 times with no loss of crew or payload, it remains to this day the tallest, heaviest, and most powerful rocket ever operated and still holds records for the heaviest payload ever launched (140,000 kg) and the only spacecraft to carry humans beyond low Earth orbit.

  • 415 blocks
  • Bodywork with pad printing
  • Easy-to-follow instruction manual
  • Stand with name of plane
  • Compatible with LEGO and other leading brands of construction blocks
  • Model dimensions: (length x width) 550mm x 86mm

read more about Saturn V on Wikipedia

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